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Mother lode

Holiday spending to exceed $21 billion

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8.

Consumers will spend an average of $172.22 on Mother’s Day gifts this year, down slightly from 2015, the National Retail Federation reported this week.

Greeting cards will be one of the most common gifts, representing 78 percent of all purchases. Other popular items will include jewelry, flowers and tickets to concerts or sporting events.

“Mother’s Day is the time when millions of Americans find special ways to express their love and gratitude for mom,” said industry analyst Pam Goodfellow. “While many will spend a little more than usual to pamper her, some consumers will provide unique experience gifts for the entire family to enjoy together.”

More than 27 percent of Mother’s Day shopping will take place online this year, which could drive increases in the shipping sector.

Consumers will spend $21.4 billion overall, the federation projects.

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