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Thelma Johnson, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Manager Customer Services Thelma Johnson with customer Clara Taylor
Clara Taylor and Los Angeles Customer Services Manager Thelma Johnson

Los Angeles Customer Services Manager Thelma Johnson recently noticed a customer who was walking with a cane and struggling to carry her mail.

While Johnson was retrieving a bag to hold the mail, the woman, Clara Taylor, 92, fell, hit her head and began bleeding.

Johnson administered first aid to the wound and talked with Taylor, who said she has no close relatives, friends or neighbors.

Paramedics arrived and took Taylor to an emergency room, where she was treated. Johnson and Aasha Jones, her supervisor, visited Taylor in the hospital and took her home when she was released.

“Had it not been for the quick actions of Ms. Johnson, the customer would have lost a lot more blood,” said Customer Services Manager Arturo Santana. “She did all the right things by keeping the customer talking and keeping her from going into shock with the blood loss.”

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