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Container tracking system introduced

Scanning system
The Container Tracking System will show near-real time scanning data.

The Postal Service is using technology to track mail containers as they’re transported throughout the USPS network.

The Container Tracking System displays transportation schedules and container scanning activity in near-real time, allowing managers to make adjustments to meet processing and delivery targets.

The system is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to use data to boost efficiency.

Employees can use the system to scan data, follow scanning procedures and receive notification of scheduled transportation arrivals and departures.

The system also has early warning indicators that provide notification of containers that are delayed at origin or at risk of missing assigned trips.

This information is displayed on large-screen monitors on dock walls inside mail processing facilities. The monitors are auto-refreshed every 90 seconds to provide the most up-to-date data.

Employees can also access the system on ACE workstations and USPS tablets by typing CTS in the web browser address bar and pressing enter.

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