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Brian Williams, South Gate City, CA

Letter carriers
South Gate City, CA, Letter Carrier Ramon Perez and City Carrier Assistant Brian Williams

South Gate City, CA, Letter Carrier Ramon Perez was delivering mail recently when three men who appeared to be gang members surrounded him.

One man told Perez he didn’t have “permission” to walk in the area. A second man hit Perez in the head and knocked the mail he was carrying to the ground.

But help soon arrived.

Brian Williams, a city carrier assistant, drove by and saw his co-worker being threatened. He positioned his vehicle between Perez and the men, then jumped out and stood next to him.

“He … didn’t say anything. It was something out of a superhero movie. Just standing there, he was able to deescalate the situation,” Perez said.

The men backed away and fled.

USPS and the Postal Inspection Service later honored Williams for his heroism.

“I am beyond appreciative,” Perez said.

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