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Rollback countdown

Some prices will fall April 10

Price change
USPS will be forced to reduce prices for some mailing products, effective Sunday, April 10.

Reminder: The forced price reduction of Forever stamps and some other mailing products is days away.

The following changes will take effect Sunday, April 10:

  • The price of a Forever Stamp will fall to 47 cents (down from 49 cents).
  • The price to send First-Class Mail letters with additional ounces will drop to 21 cents (from 22 cents).
  • Postcard prices will fall to 34 cents (from 35 cents).
  • The price to mail letters and postcards to international destinations will fall to $1.15 (from $1.20).

Some commercial prices will decrease too. The Postal Explorer site has a complete list.

The price reductions result from a regulatory order to reverse a 4.3 percent exigent surcharge that took effect in January 2014.

The Retail and Customer Service Operations Blue site has a price change kit that includes a quick reference sheet, FAQs and more information.

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