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Celebrate Diversity Month

Commemoration begins April 1

Celebrate Diversity Month begins April 1.
Celebrate Diversity Month begins April 1.

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, a time to raise awareness and encourage conversations that foster an appreciation of everyone’s uniqueness, as well as the similarities that unite us.

The Postal Service encourages employees to learn more about the diversity of cultures, backgrounds and life experiences of their co-workers and customers throughout the month.

To foster a greater appreciation for diversity, USPS facilities across the nation will host Multicultural Awareness Day Wednesday, April 6.

“We are proud that the Postal Service’s employee population includes a collective mix of diverse individuals that are woven together to represent the very fabric of this great organization and the customers that we serve,” said Diversity and Talent Acquisition Director Jeryl Wilson.

“While we all may look different, speak differently and think differently, we each have something valuable to contribute and we continue to maintain a posture that breeds an inclusive environment in which we treat each other with dignity and respect.”

The Blue Multicultural Resources site has more information about diversity, including a Multicultural Awareness Day resource kit.

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