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Link mobile subscriptions surge

Link mobile helps USPS deliver news to employees who don’t have access to postal computers.

More than 8,500 employees have signed up to receive USPS news on their personal smart phones and tablets through the new Link mobile site.

The site, which debuted this month, is a mobile-friendly version of Link, the Postal Service’s daily news service. USPS introduced Link mobile to serve employees who don’t have access to postal computers.

“It’s encouraging to see so many employees embrace Link mobile,” said Corporate Communications VP Janice Walker. “We look forward to growing our readership further as more employees learn about this new way to get postal news.”

Employees can sign up online for Link mobile. Once they provide a work or personal email address, they’ll receive weekly emails containing recent stories and videos.

The Postal Service is promoting Link mobile through postcards to employees’ homes and articles in USPS publications.

Employees with postal computers will continue to receive daily Link emails. The site also is available through LiteBlue, which employees can access from personal computers.

Link mobile is designed and intended for personal use. Employees shouldn’t use the site to assist their performance of work for USPS.

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