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Israel Galarza, Rincon, PR

Rincon, PR, Clerk Israel Galarza
Rincon, PR, Retail Associate Israel Galarza

Rincon, PR, Retail Associate Israel Galarza was driving to work before sunrise recently when he swerved to avoid hitting a dead cow in the road.

After stopping his vehicle, Galarza noticed another car stopped nearby. He ran over to check on the driver, who had struck the cow and was disoriented and unable to move.

Galarza helped the man out of the car and walked him to a safe spot, just as another car hit the cow and was launched more than 100 yards down the busy highway.

Galarza ran to this vehicle and helped the driver get out of her car and onto the road’s shoulder.

While Galarza was calling 911, several other vehicles hit the cow and the damaged vehicles. Galarza helped as many victims as he could before paramedics arrived.

“I did what I hope others would do in the same situation,” Galarza said. “I was just in the right place at the right time to help.”

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