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USPS readies ACE computer upgrades

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USPS Next, a four-year upgrade of all ACE computers, will begin in late summer or early fall.

The Postal Service is preparing to upgrade all ACE computers.

The rollout, called USPS Next, is scheduled to begin in late summer or early fall, near the end of the fiscal year. It will take about four years to upgrade all computers.

Upgraded computers will feature improved processors, faster boot-ups and better stability.

To prepare for the rollout, Information Technology managers are cataloging all ACE hardware, including laptop and desktop computers.

The upgrade will run on the Windows 10 operating system, a secure platform for online browsing with improved detection of phishing attempts and other online breaches. Updates to the Microsoft Office suite, WinZip and Java Runtime are also part of the upgrade.

IT will announce more information before the rollout begins.

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