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Online retailer using catalog to draw shoppers

Stack of catalogs
Wayfair is using catalogs to drive online sales.

A fast-growing online retailer is mailing its first catalog to customers, aiming to drive more shoppers to its site.

Wayfair, which sells furniture and other household goods, began mailing the publication this month. The 92-page catalog features 775 items selected by a team of buyers and editors using research developed by the company’s data experts.

“Technology enables us to serve our customers better than anyone else in the industry,” co-founder and chief executive Niraj Shah said in a news release. “We are using our proprietary data and insights to make the shopping experience more tangible while not limiting our customers’ access to selection and great prices.”

The company joins JC Penney, Pottery Barn, Bonobos and other retailers that have rediscovered the value of catalogs.

Wayfair plans to mail catalogs at a regular frequency, although the company hasn’t disclosed how often the publications will be sent, Multichannel Merchant reported.

“We think that direct mail is a chance that gives us a valuable, immersive touch point where we can tell our brand stories and enhance the shopping experience for our customers,” said Wayfair spokeswoman Erin Moran.

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