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Know your limits

Use USPS computers, devices safely

A computer keyboard with the word: safe on it.
Employees should adhere to USPS security standards when using postal computers and devices.

Reminder: It’s everyone’s responsibility to help keep Postal Service information safe.

Employees should adhere to USPS security standards when using Postal Service computers and devices.

The Cyber Safe at USPS team suggests these tips:

  • Don’t upload unauthorized software onto Postal Service computer equipment, including games and screensavers.
  • Don’t make unauthorized configuration changes. This includes changes to encryption, screensaver and security and privacy settings. For questions about configuration changes, call the Information Technology help desk at 800-877-7435.
  • Don’t view or download pornography.
  • Don’t conduct private business or money-making ventures on the Postal Service network.
  • Don’t use USPS computers or devices to check personal email accounts or access social media without authorization.
  • Don’t gamble or play electronic games on the Postal Service network.

To report suspicious activity, call the Computer Incident Response Team at 866-877-7247 or send an e-mail to

The CyberSafe at USPS site has more information security tips.

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