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New site to expedite repair requests

Someone in a hard hat tightening a pipe.
The Facilities Response Line Self Service site allows supervisors to expedite requests for non-emergency repairs.

The Postal Service has launched a site to expedite requests for non-emergency repairs at USPS facilities.

The Facilities Response Line Self Service site can be accessed through the Essential Links section on Blue.

To submit a request, supervisors can log onto the site and complete a form detailing a repair to any facility owned or leased by the Postal Service. The form highlights information necessary to process the request.

After the request is submitted, the National Facilities Response Line (NFRL) team will review it and respond by email indicating whether or not it is accepted.

The new site will eliminate the need for supervisors to request routine repairs by telephone or email. However, emergency repairs — including health and safety requests — must be reported to NFRL by calling 855-444-6375.

To learn more about the new site, employees can refer to the user guide, which is available on the Blue Facilities training page.

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