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Red flags

Nebraska employee foils mail fraud

Bellevue, NE, Retail Associate William Reynek serves a customer. Image: KMTV

A Nebraska employee stopped a customer from being scammed out of thousands of dollars this week.

Bellevue, NE, Retail Associate William Reynek intervened when the woman came to the Post Office March 22 and said she wanted to mail the cash to the East Coast.

“I thought this was odd and repeatedly asked her, ‘Do you know the person you are sending [this]?” Reynek told KMTV. “She really didn’t give me a clear cut answer. … Red flags [were] going off everywhere.”

Although Reynek eventually persuaded the woman to take her money back to the bank, he downplayed his role in foiling the scam.

“My actions were just a drop in the bucket,” he said. “You just have to be aware of the signs.”

The Postal Inspection Service’s new Delivering Trust site has additional tips on avoiding mail fraud.

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