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USPS site ranks as government’s most visited

Customers can use to ship and track packages, buy stamps and more.
Customers can use to ship and track packages, buy stamps and more.

More people use than any other government site that participates in a new federal tracking service.

At certain points each day, about 6,000 people frequent the welcome page and more than 50,000 people visit all pages. This traffic far exceeds other participating sites.

The data was reported recently by DigitalGov, a federal group that helps agencies understand how people use government services online. The metrics team, working with internal information technology and privacy teams, recently joined the DigitalGov analytics program alongside 400 other government domains.

“This is the first step in moving toward a more robust metrics tool and deeper digital insights to help us continually improve the customer experience,” said USPS Digital Marketing Manager Mary Beth Fluto.

Real-time tracking showed about 230,000 people on participating sites March 24. The welcome page ranked first with 6,100 people, topping the IRS’s “Where’s My Refund?” site, which ranked second with 4,600 people. allows customers to perform multiple services and averages more than 3 million visits per day.

“No other site touches almost every citizen in some shape or form, whether they’re going on vacation, tracking a package or simply need a ZIP Code,” said Fluto.

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