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Irresistible force

USPS honors team behind mailpiece

The “Black Hills & Badlands” direct mailpiece and the Irresistible Mail Award

The Postal Service has honored the team behind a direct mailing that was designed to boost tourism in South Dakota.

Nahan Printing, designer Lawrence & Schiller and the state’s tourism department received the award at the National Postal Forum, an industry conference being held this week in Nashville.

The “Black Hills & Badlands” mailpiece featured high-quality photographs of South Dakota’s national parks, a pine forest-scented scratch-and-sniff and a free T-shirt coupon.

“Mail is evolving, allowing marketers to leverage the unique interactivity of mail and create new and powerful experiences by seamlessly connecting mail with digital content and by employing new printing techniques to improve memorability and responses,” said New Products and Innovation VP Gary Reblin.

The award is part of Irresistible Mail, a USPS program that highlights innovative designs and print and digital technologies.

National Postal Forum attendees voted for the winner from a list of six finalists, whose work is displayed on the Irresistible Mail site.

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