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Postcards for Ellie

Sick child sees world via mail

Ellie Walton reads postcards
Ellie Walton has received more than 500 postcards this month. Image:

Three-year-old Ellie Walton is too sick to fly on an airplane, but she’s able to see the world through postcards.

The Spanaway, WA, girl has terminal brain cancer and undergoes chemotherapy every other week. She enjoyed the postcards she received from her great-grandparents’ travels so much that her mother recently posted a Facebook request for more.

Ellie has received more than 500 postcards so far. Each one brightens her day.

“Not only is it a postcard that shows her a different place, but it also shows her that people believe in her,” Ellie’s mother, Sarah Walton, told KOMO-TV.

One postcard read, “The world has so much to offer you.”

Ellie has undergone 17 surgeries and had five tumors removed. Recent scans show her tumor appears to be shrinking, which doctors didn’t expect.

“This is hundreds of people that are thinking of her and praying for her and it’s awesome,” Sarah Walton told KOMO. “That’s where I find my strength from.”

News organizations have published the address for people who wish to send postcards: Ellie Walton, PO Box 5094, Spanaway WA 98387.

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