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Walk to remember

Interactive safety approach praised

Chief Operating Officer David Williams watches the recent safety presentation by Greensboro District Manager Russell Gardner.

Greensboro District is taking a different approach to workplace safety — and receiving praise from Postal Service executives for its efforts.

Managers and supervisors who conduct “safety walks” in the district’s facilities now look for areas of continuous improvement. This allows the leaders to identify best practices that can be replicated elsewhere in the district, which is part of Capital Metro Area.

District Manager Russell Gardner recently visited headquarters to demonstrate this technique.

He took participants on two virtual safety walks and showed them a Kameshibai board, a visual tool that facilitates process-oriented conversations between managers and employees.

Participants praised the presentation from Gardner, who has black belt certification through the Lean Six Sigma business improvement program.

“I wanted them to get value and remember it,” Gardner said. “Some told me they will remember it because of the way it was delivered.”

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