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Scan and deliver

Customers deserve timely data, PMG says

PMG Megan Brennan’s latest “Business Focus” video was released this week.

The Postal Service continues to emphasize timely and accurate scanning data, PMG Megan J. Brennan says in her latest “Business Focus” video message.

“Customers expect 100 percent visibility from induction to delivery,” Brennan says. “It’s a basic customer requirement.”

The PMG also discusses the most recent quarterly financial results, as well the forced rollback in prices for Forever stamps and other products, effective April 10.

“I am often asked, ‘What can I do to help our situation?’ My answer is always the same: Deliver great customer service,” Brennan says. “Service is foundational and the key to growth. We need to continue to serve our customers well.”

Additionally, the PMG encourages all employees to take the Postal Pulse survey. Feedback from the survey helps USPS leaders make workplace changes and improvements.

“We need to hear from you,” she says. “We value your input.”

Brennan concludes by thanking employees.

“We appreciate your hard work and your commitment,” she says. “At every level of the organization, all of us together need to be engaged and committed to serving our customers.”

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