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Parcel praise

Industry publication lauds USPS

USPS shipping services were praised by Parcel magazine last week.

The Postal Service offers affordable shipping prices and improved tracking, Parcel magazine reported last week.

“USPS is still a great option,” Shaun Rothwell, a logistics company executive, wrote in the March 8 column.

The Postal Service’s rates are particularly competitive when it comes to shipping lightweight, small parcels, Rothwell wrote.

The column also cites USPS tracking, noting the organization now scans packages as they move through its network and upon delivery.

Additionally, the column points out the Postal Service doesn’t charge customers extra fees for fuel or “off-the-beaten path” deliveries.

“Since USPS visits virtually every residence and business … their costs are not affected when they deliver a package along with your credit card statements and [advertising] mailers,” Rothwell wrote.

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