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Youth and taxes

Millennials turn to mail to file returns

USPS can help millennials and other customers meet tax mailing deadlines.

Quick, name the demographic group most likely to mail their tax returns.

Give up? It’s young adults, also known as “millennials.”

Seventeen percent of taxpayers between ages 18-34 mail their tax returns, compared to 8 percent of taxpayers ages 35 and older, according to a new survey by NerdWallet, a personal finance and information service.

“Who knew?” said NerdWallet columnist Liz Weston. “But in some ways it makes sense: Millennials tend to have less experience with a deeply confusing tax code, less cash to seek professional help and less need for the more complicated returns that having children or a mortgage can bring.”

The survey found tax software programs remain the most popular method of filing taxes: 36 percent of millennial taxpayers use this method, compared to 35 percent for all age groups.

However, despite their reputation for being glued to digital devices, millennials are more likely to take their questions to tax professionals than to online sources (27 percent vs. 20 percent), the survey found.

USPS offers several options to help customers mail their tax returns, including extended hours at some Post Offices and expedited mailing with postmark guarantees.

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