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Misfortune teller

Psychic mail scam among biggest in history

The Postal Inspection Service obtained this mailpiece used by Maria Duval, whose whereabouts are unknown.

One of the largest mail-fraud cases in history is the subject of a new series of CNN reports.

French psychic Maria Duval has conned victims in a dozen countries, including 1.4 million people in the United States, according to the reports. Her whereabouts — and real identity — are unknown.

“It’s remarkable. Maria Duval’s name comes up in almost every major country,” Postal Inspector Clayton Gerber tells CNN.

The cable network’s five-part series began last month. Segments are slated to be posted online each Wednesday through March 23.

The reports highlight the role of the Inspection Service, which began investigating Duval years ago.

According to Postal Inspectors, Duval mails personalized letters promising to use her powers to help people win the lottery and receive other fortunes, all for $40. People who send the money receive a “magical” talisman or other good luck charm — followed by requests for more cash.

The CNN reports include comments from victims, including a Utah resident who is now homeless.

“All she wanted from me is money,” the victim wrote.

The Inspection Service also details the dangers of psychic scams on its new Delivering Trust site.

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