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Mass awareness

Employees urged to learn their BMI

USPS employees are encouraged to know their BMI, which includes weight and other factors.

Knowing your BMI, or body mass index, helps you manage your overall health, experts say.

A healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 for adults. A BMI over 25 puts you at higher risk for developing weight-related conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

The Postal Service encourages you to learn your BMI.

Your health plan’s website can help you find a doctor or other provider who can assess your BMI and help you set realistic and healthy weight goals.

However, BMI alone doesn’t provide a complete picture of your health.

You’ll also want to measure your waist circumference and evaluate current factors such as high blood pressure and cigarette smoking to assess your overall weight and risks.

The National Institutes of Health offers an online body weight planner that allows you to track your calorie intake and physical activity to reach and maintain a goal weight.

More information, including a BMI calculator, is available on the LiteBlue Wellness page.

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