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Tips to keep your workstation secure

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USPS employees should take steps to protect information in their work areas.

Postal Service computer workstations, desk areas and offices often contain important information that must be kept safe.

Here are some tips to prevent USPS information from being stolen or misused:

  • Use your workstation for business purposes only.
  • Erase whiteboard walls that contain or reference sensitive information.
  • Collect sensitive information sent to printers in a timely manner.
  • Store sensitive information in a locked cabinet or desk drawer. This also applies to sensitive-enhanced information, such as an employee, customer or supplier’s driver’s license number or credit, debit or other payment card information.
  • Cross-shred or appropriately dispose of hardcopy documents that are no longer needed.

To report incidents, call the Computer Incident Response Team at 866-877-7247 or email

The CyberSafe at USPS site has additional tips on workstation safety.

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