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Area, district survey rates released

A Postal Pulse graphic, someone's hand holding a pen and a Postal Pulse form.


Employees across the nation are taking the Postal Pulse survey, although USPS leaders hope many more will participate before next week’s deadline.

Leading the nation is Dakotas District, where 32.97 percent of employees have participated in the survey. Northern New England District (30.03 percent) ranks second, followed by Greater Michigan District (29.5 percent).

The areas with the highest participation rates are Western (23.29 percent), Eastern (23 percent) and Great Lakes (21.86 percent).

“Participation is up overall compared to last year, but there’s room for improvement,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams. “Our goal is full participation, so if anyone hasn’t completed their survey, our message is: Please do it now.”

The survey is anonymous, although Gallup — the organization that conducts the survey — can track each jurisdiction’s participation rate during and after the survey.

This is similar to political voting: Although election officials can tell whether voter participation is up or down in a given year, they don’t know how individuals cast their ballots.

The survey, which began Feb. 16, allows employees to share observations about their workplace environments. This feedback helps USPS leaders make changes and improvements.

The deadline is Friday, March 11. The Postal Pulse Blue page has more information.

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