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By the numbers

Employees urged to check blood pressure

One in 3 adults has high blood pressure, but many don’t realize it.

The Postal Service wants to help employees improve their wellness — which starts with knowing what health numbers mean.

High blood pressure, often called the “silent killer,” can increase your risk of heart disease or stroke. However, high blood pressure can be treated and prevented.

High blood pressure is defined as having an average blood pressure of 140 over 90.

One in 3 adults in the United States has high blood pressure, but many don’t realize it since the disease has no overt symptoms.

Early diagnosis and healthy lifestyle changes can keep high blood pressure from seriously damaging your health. Your doctor can prescribe a treatment plan.

The National Institutes of Health recommends an eating plan to help keep high blood pressure in check.

The LiteBlue Wellness page has more information.

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