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Prime directive

Enterprising duo behind ‘Star Trek’ stamps

“Star Trek” stamp designers Dustin Summers and James Kernevich. Image: Heads of State

The duo who designed the Postal Service’s forthcoming “Star Trek” stamps has gone where no artists have gone before.

Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers, who lead the Philadelphia firm Heads of State, spent nine months designing the four stamps.

The opportunity to create stamps is “a tremendous honor,” Kernevich told The Standard Speaker newspaper last week.

“It’s currency. It’s for the government. It’s a permanent record of something.”

Heads of State also has designed book covers for novels.

Additionally, the studio has worked with The New York Times several times since 2008, including designing a Sunday magazine cover illustrating Barack Obama’s election.

The “Star Trek” stamps, which feature images inspired by the original 1960s TV series, are slated for release this year.

While Kernevich isn’t a diehard fan, he’s familiar with the classic show.

“It had such a personality. It was innovative and goofy — all the great things that make for a cult classic science fiction show,” he said.

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