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Joining forces

USPS, political group unite to promote mail

USPS is promoting direct mail’s ability to reach voters this election year.

The mail can deliver wins for political campaigns this election year, USPS leaders told a gathering of top consultants, party officials and industry executives in Washington, DC, last week.

“This is not your grandfather’s Postal Service,” said Sales VP Cliff Rucker. “We are enabling new technology that helps target, integrate, track and deliver political mail to extend mail’s relevance for omni-channel political campaigns.”

The meeting was part of the Postal Service’s partnership with the American Association of Political Consultants. USPS is working with the association and others to demonstrate how to best use direct mail in multi-channel political campaigns.

The partnership — which includes conferences, webinars, direct mailings and white papers — showcases new innovations like augmented reality, QR codes and other digital applications.

At the meeting, attendees also learned how Intelligent Mail (IMb) barcodes can be used to track political mailings.

This technology allows campaigns to follow the delivery of mailpieces with emails, phone calls, text messages and neighborhood canvassing. Combining these channels makes each one more effective, postal leaders said.

Sales, Brand Marketing and Government Relations are working together on this partnership, as well as a similar agreement with the Campaigns & Elections political journal.

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