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Primary targets

Scammers campaigning against you

The 2016 elections could create opportunities for scammers, a recent report warns.

The 2016 elections could create opportunities for scammers to steal personal and credit card information from unsuspecting voters, a recent report warns.

As candidates campaign for votes and financial contributions, scammers will use phishing, malware and other online tricks to steal voters’ information, according to the study by cybersecurity firm Raytheon Websense.

To avoid online scams, the CyberSafe at USPS team suggests the following tips:

  • Confirm the email address or name of the sender before opening an email.
  • Be wary of communications that require “immediate action” or request personal information via email.
  • Make sure any link or email attachment is from a reliable source before clicking it.

To report phishing attempts, email

For all other information security incidents, send an email or call the Computer Incident Response Team at 866-877-7247.

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