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Utah employee prevents ‘great tragedy’

Bountiful, UT, Letter Carrier Sean Anderson

Bountiful, UT, Letter Carrier Sean Anderson was delivering mail recently when he approached a house and smelled a strong gas odor.

Anderson tried to contact the homeowner and neighbors but received no response, so he called the utility company and continued making deliveries.

After Anderson completed his route, he returned to the area and noticed police had evacuated the homes.

A utility worker thanked Anderson for reporting the gas leak and credited him with preventing “a great tragedy.” The homeowner also expressed his gratitude.

“When I noticed something wrong in the neighborhood I served, I couldn’t leave it until I knew my customers were safe,” Anderson said.

Bountiful Postmaster Andrea Gunnarson called Anderson “a great example of how carriers in our organization are in a unique position to care for and service our customers. I’m glad to have a carrier like Sean who cares about his customers and does such a great job each and every day.”

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