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First-class sale

Illinois company now shipping with USPS

Sales employee
Central Illinois District Sr. Field Sales Representative Syed Kaleemulla

The Postal Service is now shipping most packages for an Illinois wholesale company, generating more than $2.5 million in new USPS revenue.

The sale began when Syed Kaleemulla, a Central Illinois District senior field sales representative, met with the company’s president to assess the wholesaler’s shipping needs. (Businesses aren’t named in sales stories to protect the Postal Service’s competitive advantage.)

Kaleemulla showed how USPS could reduce the company’s cost and transit time to its domestic and international customers.

He also discussed the advantages of using First-Class Package Service, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, three products that offer commercial customers a range of shipping options.

Additionally, Kaleemulla explained how the wholesaler could use direct mail to acquire new business and engage its existing customer base in a new way.

“We now have another satisfied customer for the United States Postal Service,” said Kaleemulla.

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