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Good catch

Nevada employee nets $1.2 million sale

Nevada Sierra District Field Sales Representative Sandi Turner

An online jewelry company recently began using Priority Mail to ship its products, generating $1.2 million in revenue for the Postal Service.

Sandi Turner, a Nevada Sierra District field sales representative, persuaded the business to switch from two USPS competitors after meeting with a company representative. (Businesses aren’t named in sales stories to protect the Postal Service’s competitive advantage.)

Turner knew the competitors’ dimensional and residential surcharges were significantly increasing the company’s expenses, so she presented multiple options to help the business reduce its shipping costs.

Turner also touted the benefits of First-Class Mail, Priority Mail and International Mail services, as well as the reliability of USPS Shipping Services.

“During the first meeting with the CEO, I knew USPS would beat out the competition on international rates and service especially with the company’s lightweight products,” Turner said.

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