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Sending love

Valentine’s Day spending to rise

Consumers are expected to spend an average $17.81 on Valentine's Day cards this year. Photo: Hearst Connecticut Media

Valentine’s Day enthusiasts will spend an average $17.81 on greeting cards this year, up 16 percent from 2015, according to new projections by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Although some cards will be given in person, many will be delivered through the Postal Service. Industry research shows Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday for cards after Christmas, traditionally causing card mailings to spike in February.

Valentine’s Day spending is expected to rise overall this year. Consumers will spend an average $146.84 on flowers, candy, cards and other gifts, up from $142.31 last year, NRF reports.

“With the winter holidays behind us, consumers may have a little more room in their budget to indulge on gifts for their loved ones,” said industry analyst Pam Goodfellow.

Those mailing their Valentine’s Day cards can adorn them with the Postal Service’s recently issued Quilled Paper Heart stamp, which is the 44th entry in the Love series.

To add a little romance to the delivery, customers can also request postmarks from towns with love-themed names, such as Loveland, CO, and Bridal Veil, OR.

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