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Heart art

New Love stamp showcased

The image created by artist Yulia Brodskaya for the Quilled Paper Heart stamp

The “mind-blowing artwork” on the Postal Service’s new Quilled Paper Heart stamp was praised by the Washington Post this week.

The Post encouraged readers to look closely at the stamp, which showcases the ancient art of quilling — rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper, laying them on their edges, and gluing them in place to form intricate designs.

“We consider stamps to be miniature works of art,” Stamp Development Manager William Gicker told the newspaper. “It’s arriving in the mail and people only give it a quick look, so we want to capture their attention, but we also need to keep it pretty simple.”

Artist Yulia Brodskaya, who created the image, said her goal was “to make something warm and tactile, with positive energy and personality.”

USPS dedicated the stamp — the 44th entry in the Love series — Jan. 12, in time for Valentine’s Day.

“The average valentine-sender probably has no idea just how much time and effort went into creating the impossibly ornate, three-dimensional handmade artwork featured on the stamp,” the Post reported.

The stamp is available at Post Offices and Customers and employees who share the news on social media are encouraged to use the #LoveStamp hashtag.

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