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Good switch

Self Plus One option saves employees money

Self Plus One Savings
Detroit District Media Specialist Ken Behm has saved almost $50 per pay period since switching to Self Plus One last year.

When Ken Behm heard about the new Self Plus One health insurance option last year, he figured it couldn’t hurt to learn more.

It turned out to be a smart decision: Behm determined he could save almost $50 per pay period by switching to Self Plus One.

“I was surprised by how much I can save,” said Behm, a Detroit District media specialist. “It’s worth taking a look.”

Self Plus One provides coverage for an employee and one eligible family member, such as a spouse or a child.

Under guidance from the Office of Personnel Management, the Postal Service recently began a special enrollment to allow eligible employees to switch to the new option.

For Behm, the choice was easy.

One of his two daughters has her own insurance. In the past, Behm chose the Self and Family option to ensure the other daughter received coverage too.

“When I looked at the Self Plus One option, I discovered [it] could save me money,” he said.

Employees are encouraged to evaluate their options.

The special enrollment period for Self Plus One ends Feb. 29. More information is available on the Self Plus One LiteBlue page.

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