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No day off for West Virginia Samaritan

Charleston, WV, Sales Representative Daniel Toney

A recent day off from the Postal Service for West Virginia employee Daniel Toney turned out to be anything but.

It began when the Charleston sales representative heard a neighbor shouting.

The man had touched an electric line and caught fire. Toney raced to the scene, put out the fire, called 911 and administered first aid until paramedics arrived.

The man ended up losing both legs from the fire.

Later that day, Toney heard a car horn. He jumped in his own vehicle and traced the noise to a truck that had run off the road and down a steep mountain.

Toney called 911, climbed down the mountain and pulled out the driver. He performed first aid and stayed with the man until the ambulance arrived.

The man credited Toney with saving his life.

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