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Retailers not meeting shipping needs, study shows

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New research shows many online retailers aren’t meeting shoppers’ delivery expectations.

Many retailers aren’t meeting consumers’ delivery expectations, new research shows.

While 80 percent of online shoppers want same-day delivery, 47 percent of retailers don’t offer that option, according to a survey of consumers and businesses by Temando, a shipping software company.

Seventy-seven percent of shoppers say they also would like guaranteed weekend or after-hours shipping, but only 34 percent of retailers offer that option.

“Consumer expectations are increasing. Retailers still aren’t offering the full gamut of services that consumers are expecting,” Temando chief executive Carl Hartmann told the Internet Retailer news site.

The survey also found that shipping experiences are important for businesses.

Eighty-six percent of retailers said increasing the number of shipping options during checkout helps boost sales, while 41 percent said their reputations were harmed when shipments were lost, delayed or damaged.

USPS offers a range of services to help businesses meet customers’ needs, including offering Sunday and same-day deliveries.

The Postal Service also is focused on ensuring accurate scanning, delivering on time and improving overall customer experiences.

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