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Recovery mode

Deliveries, retail services resuming after blizzard

New Albany, IN, Letter Carrier Aaron Hislip delivers mail during the storm.


The Postal Service is continuing to resume normal operations following the blockbuster blizzard that crippled the East Coast during the weekend.

While most Post Offices are open, delivery and retail services may be still be affected in small pockets, USPS reported in a Jan. 26 service alert.

Road conditions and snow removal efforts are affecting deliveries.

Though the Postal Service is attempting to deliver wherever possible, employee safety comes first. USPS is asking customers to clear snow and ice from walkways to make their mailboxes accessible.

“No one wants to inconvenience the customer,” Philadelphia District Manager Chu Falling Star told the local NBC station. “However, we must ensure the safety of our employees.”

If conditions aren’t safe, USPS will hold mail until it can be delivered.

Employees say they’re eager to return to normal — even if some deliveries are bittersweet.

In Woodbine, MD, USPS delivered a rooster that spent the weekend at the Baltimore P&DC, where the animal was befriended by Building Mechanic Rich Hughes Jr.

Hughes named the bird “Wilson” after Tom Hanks’ volleyball companion in the movie “Castaway,” the local ABC station reported.

Why Wilson?

“Because I was in there all by myself with him,” Hughes said.

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