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Winter wallop

Post-blizzard recovery begins

New Albany, IN, Letter Carrier Sharon McCaroll delivers mail Jan. 22, the day the storm began.


USPS is resuming mail delivery after a blizzard slammed the East Coast during the weekend, although service interruptions are continuing for some customers in the hardest hit areas.

The storm dumped snow from the Gulf Coast to New England and shut down several cities, including New York and Washington, DC. Some areas received as much as 3 feet.

The Postal Service is reminding customers to keep mailboxes, steps and sidewalks clear of snow and ice so letter carriers can provide the safest, most efficient service possible.

Additionally, USPS is communicating with employees about the importance of dressing appropriately in cold weather.

Customers who have questions about mail delivery should refer to the online USPS Service Alerts page. The alerts provide specific information regarding delivery and retail services for affected areas.

The news media also are updating the public on the availability of postal services. In some areas, reporters are praising the resilience of USPS employees.

During a Jan. 23 broadcast on road conditions in Roanoke, VA, WSET-TV reporter Annie Andersen noticed a carrier making his rounds.

“You know the Post Office saying, ‘Neither snow, rain, heat, or gloom of night’? It turns out it is true,” Andersen said.

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