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The CyberSafe at USPS image on a laptop screen.
Teleworking employees should be mindful when using USPS laptops and mobile devices.

The CyberSafe at USPS team reminds employees who telework and use Postal Service laptops and mobile devices to follow these tips to keep the equipment safe and secure:

  • Don’t allow family members or friends to use your laptop and mobile devices. Before leaving your laptop unattended, simultaneously press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys to lock the screen.
  • Don’t send or store USPS data on personal devices. If you must store Postal Service information, use USPS-approved, encrypted USB flash drives.
  • Secure home Wi-Fi networks with a firewall and a strong password before using them for telework. Avoid connecting USPS devices to unsecured Wi-Fi networks at cafes, airports and other public spaces.
  • Don’t connect any non-postal devices to the USPS intranet.
  • Don’t use non-postal devices to collect, process, store or transmit sensitive USPS information.
  • Don’t use Postal Service USB drives on non-USPS equipment.

More tips and other information are included in Handbook AS-805-C (sections 3 and 4), Handbook AS-805 (sections 3, 5-5, 11-9.5), USPS Managed Mobile Computing Governance Handbook and MI EL-310-2015-2 (Telework Program for HQ/HQ-Related Field Unit Employees).

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