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Slips, trips and falls

New safety video released

The new “Safety Depends on Me” video shows an employee calling for help after a co-worker slips and falls.

The Postal Service has released a “Safety Depends on Me” video to help employees avoid the hazards that winter weather brings, including slips, trips and falls.

The video reminds employees to be mindful of ice covered by fresh snow, slippery walkways and objects hidden by snow or leaves.

Employees also are encouraged to pay attention to their surroundings and wear appropriate shoes or boots.

Additionally, employees should focus on the path ahead, use handrails when possible and avoid areas of patchy snow and ice.

Other tips offered include being aware of slippery or uneven surfaces and taking shorter steps. Shorter strides keep body weight centered and ensure that feet are on the ground as long as possible, reducing the likelihood of injuries.

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