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Safety counts

New award to honor managerial, team efforts

The new award is part of a broader effort that also includes the safety video series.

The Postal Service is introducing an award to honor leaders and groups that help create and maintain safe workplaces.

The Postmaster General Safety Excellence Award will recognize managers, safety professionals and safety teams at USPS facilities across the nation.

“This award will provide a new look at how the Postal Service values employee safety,” said Safety and OSHA Compliance Manager Linda DeCarlo.

Area vice presidents will solicit nominations, which can come from managers, teams, employees or their co-workers.

The area vice presidents will submit their recommendations to a review committee that will evaluate each submission and choose the recipients.

The committee must receive the nominations from the area vice presidents by Aug. 1.

More information, including a nomination form and program guide, is available on the Blue Safety page.

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