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It’s snowtime

USPS braves the elements, Weather Channel reports

Hamburg, NY, Letter Carrier Charlene Pfister discusses her job in a new Weather Channel report.

Customers aren’t the only ones who appreciate Postal Service employees who brave the elements each winter.

The Weather Channel loves them too.

In a Jan. 19 segment, the cable network profiles Hamburg, NY, Letter Carrier Charlene Pfister, showing how she navigates snow banks, high winds and icy sidewalks to make her deliveries.

“I always pack extra clothes, extra gloves and extra socks just in case I do get wet,” Pfister says in the report.

Hamburg, a Buffalo suburb, was hit with heavy snow earlier this week.

In its report, the Weather Channel highlights the importance of clearing pathways for letter carriers like Pfister.

“If people don’t shovel and if they have stairs, I do not go up the stairs because it’s a safety concern — you have to watch out for your slips, trips and falls,” Pfister says.

Reporter Raegan Medgie praises the 18-year USPS veteran for her resilience.

“Delivering mail in the snow and cold is one thing. It’s another thing when you can’t feel your fingers or your toes,” Medgie says.

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