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Healing by mail

Letters support cancer patients

Gina Mulligan
Gina Mulligan, founder of Girls Love Mail, displays letters cards and letters mailed through the group.

Many women fighting breast cancer are receiving encouragement in the mail, thanks to a new letter-writing organization.

Girls Love Mail collects cards of encouragement and mails them to breast cancer treatment centers across the nation.

The group sent more than 21,000 letters last year.

Novelist Gina Mulligan founded Girls Love Mail after experiencing the power of supportive mail during her own cancer treatments.

“I realized that we’ve kind of forgotten in all the text messaging and emailing … how important it is to get something that’s handwritten,” Mulligan tells the latest edition of “Your Postal Podcast.”

Most of the cards she received were from people she didn’t know.

“I met so many women who really didn’t have any support,” Mulligan says. “They weren’t getting any letters … so I thought, I want to do something and pay this forward.”

More information is available on Girls Love Mail’s site.

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