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Pride and joy

Employees share special connections to USPS

Marsing, ID, Retail Associate Clerk Deanna Eliason
Marsing, ID, Retail Associate Clerk Deanna Eliason

For many employees, working for the Postal Service is a source of pride.

Marsing, ID, Retail Associate Clerk Deanna Eliason remembers how much the mail meant to her when she was growing up on military bases in other countries.

“That’s the way we kept in contact with people. To get a letter from the states was the biggest thrill of my life — especially when it had my name on it,” Marsing tells the latest edition of “Your Postal Podcast.”

Cherryvale, KS, Letter Carrier John Broughton, whose two sisters also are USPS employees, credits the organization with bringing his parents together.

Broughton’s mother and father wrote to each other throughout their courtship during World War II.

“It all started with a first-class letter,” Broughton says.

Even USPS newcomers feel a special connection to the organization.

Vernon, CO, Retail Associate Jodi Brady — who joined USPS last year — tells the podcast she understands the Postal Service’s special role in small-town America.

“It might sound a little corny, but to me the U.S. Postal Service [is] like apple pie and baseball,” Brady says.

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