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Lifetime supply

Sa’fyre Terry continues to receive cards, packages

Sa’fyre Terry is interviewed by reporter Nicole Hart recently. Photo: WTEN

How long will it take to read more than 1 million holiday cards and open 22,000 packages?

Sa’fyre Terry will be able to answer that one day. Thanks to her wish to receive cards for Christmas, the 8-year-old New York girl now has enough to last a lifetime.

Sa’fyre is the sole survivor of a 2013 fire that killed her family and resulted in the loss of her right hand and left foot.

Her story touched people from all over the world who have sent cards, letters and gifts to fulfill her holiday wish.

Sa’fyre’s request even reached the White House, where President Obama and Michelle Obama sent her a personalized Christmas card and family photo.

Other cards and gifts came from Beyoncé, Katy Perry and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Though the mail flow has slowed, Heritage Station in Schenectady, NY — where Sa’fyre’s PO Box is located — is still processing cards and letters.

Sa’fyre is donating the toys she receives to needy children, while volunteers are helping her write back to everyone who sends cards.

“You touched us so we’re going to touch you back,” Michael Cseh, a spokesman for Sa’fyre, told her well-wishers this week.

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