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Mail storms

California deliveries continue despite El Nino

San Diego Letter Carrier Mia Gabriel
San Diego Letter Carrier Mia Gabriel and a local TV news crew following last week’s storms.

USPS kept the mail moving in Southern California last week despite a series of powerful El Nino rain storms that drenched the region.

“The water coming down is just the most I’ve seen. [It was] really bad,” San Diego Letter Carrier Mia Gabriel told the local NBC station.

The current El Nino — a natural warming of the central Pacific Ocean that interacts with the atmosphere and changes weather worldwide — is one of the strongest on record, the Associated Press reports.

Last week’s storms flooded roads, destroyed homes and left thousands without power.

The Postal Service is asking customers to help letter carriers by keeping their walkways clear of debris. Customers also are reminded they can manage their deliveries through My

Despite the inconvenience, Gabriel — who has delivered mail in the San Diego area for 27 years — prefers the heavy rains to the summer heat.

“My friends will say I’m crazy, but I like the rain more,” she said.

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