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USPS dedicates Love stamp

Quilled Paper Stamp dedication
Dedicating the stamp are, from left, Dallas District Marketing Manager Karen Schott, Southern Area Acting VP Shaun Mossman, Dallas Aviation Director Mark Duebner, Corporate Communications VP Janice Walker and Dallas District Manager Tim Costello.

The Postal Service dedicated the Quilled Paper Heart stamp Jan. 12 at Dallas Love Field airport.

The stamp is the first released in 2016 and the 44th inductee in the Love series.

Corporate Communications VP Janice Walker, who spoke at the ceremony, said the stamp “evokes tranquility, peace and love as Americans correspond with beloved friends and family while away from home.”

The Quilled Paper Heart stamp is “perfect for Valentine’s Day cards,” Walker said.

The stamp features a heart created using the ancient art of quilling, which involves rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper, laying them on their edges and gluing them in place to form intricate designs.

The ceremony also featured Southern Area Acting VP Shaun Mossman, Dallas District Manager Timothy Costello and Stamp Services Acting Director Mary-Anne Penner, as well as Mark Duebner, the city’s aviation director.

The stamps are available at Post Offices and More information is available in the Postal Service’s news release.

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