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EAP ‘life coaching’ can improve health

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EAP counselors want to help USPS employees achieve their goals.

Many people begin each year resolving to quit smoking, lose weight or start a hobby.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers “life coaching” to help you achieve these kinds of goals.

“Life coaching is not counseling. It’s a non-clinical approach that can help you maximize your personal and professional potential,” said EAP Administrator Deborah Atkins.

Life coaching focuses on strengths, promotes self-awareness and provides support to strengthen your skills.

“It’s a great resource to help jump start all those health and wellness goals you want to accomplish this year,” Atkins said.

Life coaching is confidential, personal, flexible and voluntary.

Employees can communicate with a coach face-to-face or by telephone. Occasionally, support is provided via email.

More information is available by calling 800-327-4968. The TTY number is 877-492-7341.

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