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‘Mystery shopper’ program transformed

Retail experience
USPS has improved the Retail Customer Experience program to help Post Offices better serve customers.

USPS has improved its “mystery shopper” program to simplify the evaluation process and help Post Offices address customer service issues as soon as they occur.

The program — officially known as the Retail Customer Experience (RCE) — sends independently contracted mystery shoppers to Post Offices to evaluate customer service. Shoppers then document their experiences by completing a questionnaire for USPS.

Under the improved RCE, shoppers receive RCE assignments via their mobile devices. After the shoppers visit the assigned Post Office, they complete a shorter survey on their device and submit the data.

This approach allows USPS to conduct spur-of-the-moment spot checks and quickly communicate the results to the Post Office, which makes it easier for managers and employees to take immediate action.

“We listened across all levels of the organization and learned there are opportunities to take advantage of,” said Retail and Customer Service Operations VP Kelly Sigmon. “Through new tools and techniques in customer experience management, we can engage our employees and drive actions that will help our customers.”

The improved program began before the holidays. More information — including webinars, service talks and posters — is available on the RCE site.

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