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USPS, MTAC to continue technology focus

Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec serves as a chair of MTAC, which wants to harness technology in the mailing industry.

The Postal Service and one of its longtime collaborators plan to continue working together this year to harness technology in the mailing industry.

USPS and the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) will focus on using technology to improve the way businesses enter their mail into the postal network, as well as the use of data and analytics to serve business customers.

Additionally, the two organizations will focus on areas such as strengthening payment technology and other product innovations.

“The future looks bright,” said Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec, who serves as an MTAC chair. “We will continue to break ground on innovative technologies to enhance the value of mail for our customers.”

MTAC, founded in 1965, is comprised of USPS and industry leaders who work together to grow mail-related products and services. The organization shares information with businesses and receives their advice and recommendations.

Last year, USPS honored MTAC with its Partnership for Growth Award for helping to modernize the mailing industry.

RIBBS has more information about MTAC, including a membership guide and list of its quarterly meetings.

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